Cynomolgus IFN Beta ELISA Kit (Serum, Plasma, TCM)

Product Features: 
  • Quantifies Cynomolgus IFN-Beta in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM) as low as 5.47 pg/ml
  • Reproducible results with inter- and intra-assay CVs ≤ 10%
  • Recombinant Mammalian Cynomolgus IFN Beta provided as the ELISA standard

Full Product Name: VeriKine Cynomolgus Interferon Beta ELISA Kit


Catalog No. Pack Size Price Quantity

1 x 96-well plate



Compatibility: Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Supernatant
Assay Range: 5.47 - 350 pg/ml
Speed: Incubation time, 3 hours
Specificity: Cynomolgus (Macacca fascicularis) Interferon Beta


Inter-Assay CV: ≤ 10%
Intra-Assay CV: ≤ 8%
Average Spike Recovery: 94%


Storage: 2-8°C
Expiration Date: 12 months from date of manufacture
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice

Materials Provided:

  • Pre-coated microtiter plate
  • Plate Sealers
  • Wash Solution Concentrate
  • Cynomolgus Interferon Beta Standard, 100,000 pg/ml
  • Standard Diluent
  • Sample Buffer 
  • Antibody Concentrate 
  • HRP Conjugate Concentrate 
  • Assay Diluent
  • TMB Substrate Solution
  • Stop Solution 

Tech Info / Data

Image of a quick reference guide for the procedure of PBL's Cynomolgus IFN Beta ELISA (46415)

Basal levels of Type I IFNs, including IFN-β, are not fully understood. They are believed to be important for robust response to pathogens and may play additional roles in cellular homeostasis. The VeriKine Cynomolgus IFN-beta ELISA has been developed to measure low/basal levels of non-human primate interferon beta (Macaca fascicularis IFN-β) in a variety of sample matrices including serum, plasma and tissue culture media (TCM) by sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Interferon binds to plates coated with antibody and detection is accomplished using a biotinylated detection antibody followed by streptavidin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The substrate is tetramethylbenzidine (TMB).


Typical IFN Beta Standard Curve in Standard Diluent using PBL's Cynomolgus IFN Beta ELISA

Image of cynomolgus IFN beta standard concentration curve from 5.47 pg/ml to 350 pg/ml plotted against mean absorbance using PBL's Cynomolgus Interferon Beta ELISA kit

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